Review: Untouched by Jen Atkinson

Review: Untouched by Jen AtkinsonUntouched (Untouched Trilogy Book 1) by Jen Atkinson


Thankful Tenys had never met anyone like him. She hadn't met many boys really, being home-schooled her entire life. But after her mother's illness, Thankful is forced into public school, her senior year. And that's where she meets the mysterious Liam Gregor.
Exiled by the entire school and deemed as cursed by his classmates, Thankful is warned to keep her distance from Liam. But with one tempting grin, Thankful can't stop thinking about him. Befriending Liam may mean sending herself into exile, but his pull over her is strong.
One touch and Thankful is falling. Her skin on his and Liam's coffee brown eyes dissolve into a sea of blackness. Liam is cursed. Will meeting Liam be something she regrets or something only she can be thankful for?

Ya’ll might remember mentioning Jen Atkinson before. She’s from my hometown, Rock Springs, Wyoming. Well I finally had the time to read her book, Untouched. I’m sitting here trying to find one word that could describe this book. And there are just too many. I can’t choose just one. It was beautiful and thought provoking (for me anyways). The depiction of high school was realistic. The cliques, the gossip, the whole teenage attitude was dead on.

Thankful Tenys was from Glenrock, Wyoming. She had been homeschooled her whole life and then boom her senior year (of all years) she is forced to go to public school. When I say of all years think about it. By your senior year everyone has pretty much been together for years. Glenrock is not that big of a town, so most of them had known each other since birth. The bonds of friendship have already been in place and trying to find your place among all of that is almost impossible. (Trust me! I went to manyyyyy different schools in my educational career.) She is just wanting to be at home with her mom. It’s where she feels safest.

Liam McGregor has been going to the same school pretty much his whole life. Everyone knows him, everyone avoids him. Liam has no friends and has all the “stories” to tell why. According to the student body Liam is cursed. Talking to him, touching him, having any kind of interaction at all with him makes you have accidents, lose things, etc. He is bad luck. He doesn’t like to be touched. He does everything to avoid it.

So what happens when Thankful and Liam met? When they touch? When their friendship starts to become a bond? Can the town of Glenrock accept them? Can those who know the truth about both of them accept them? They both have secrets that they try to hide but as always secrets don’t remain secrets for long. Will they survive what is bound to happen? Can they survive it together? Will they live happily ever after?

I truly enjoyed everything that Atkinson brought to this book. I was caught up right away and found myself rooting for Liam and Thankful, an unexpected couple. I loved seeing how their separate journeys end up intertwined. Watching how Thankful just wants to please everyone, while Liam is more like to say get bent. Their chemistry and interactions makes this book worth every page turning second.

I can not wait for the sequel to go live. It will be a one click without thinking for me. Pick up Untouched and see if you walk away being untouched. I don’t think it’s even possible.

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