Review: Collision by Kristen Granata

Review: Collision by Kristen GranataCollision by Kristen Granata


Merritt Adams was used to taking care of herself. With her mother's selfish abandonment, and her father's shocking suicide, she is convinced that nobody will ever stick around for long.

However, after she is mysteriously rescued from a fiery crash, Merritt needs to learn how to accept help, and love - even when it comes from an unexpected source. Trying to create a new life for herself will be difficult, and so will resisting the charms of someone she swore she would never show interest in.

In addition to the buzz surrounding Merritt's tragic headlines, everyone is talking about the charismatic Chase Brooks' return home after spending two years in California aspiring to become a rock star. What people don't know is the real reason why he had to leave his dreams behind. Saddened by his return, Chase is even more saddened to see how broken and alone his childhood classmate, Merritt, is.

Two sad souls could be good for each other, couldn't they? Merritt isn't so sure... and after she finds out who pulled her from the mangled car that night, her life will be changed forever.

It 4:30 in the morning and I just finished Collision. And oh my heart! So forgive me if my emotions are all over. It’s all fresh to me. Kristen Granata has won me over! Completely and totally!! Merritt is a character that some won’t click with instantly. I, thankfully, instantly clicked because we have similar personalities. Merritt has been through a lot in her life. Her mother walked away, her father’s grief and eventual death, and almost losing her own life. Being totally alone at the most pivotal time in a young adults life. I think you’d be a little snarky too.

Merritt’s relationship with her best friends is refreshing, honest and most importantly realistic. Brody and Shelly are great together, evenly balancing out each other and Merritt. Thankfully leaving at least one sane voice out of the three. Yet it is Merritt’s relationship with Chase Brooks and his family that provides Merritt with the growth she needed and the sense of family she longed for.

Granata does a flawless job of weaving her characters into your heart. Slowly and methodically making sure that you had to turn the page to calm your nerves after the newest twist and conflict.

For Collision being her first book I am beyond impressed and I can’t wait to read the sequel (thank heavens Avoidance is already released).

Fair warning Kleenex is needed for reading this book.


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