Review: Claimed by Maria Vickers

Review: Claimed by Maria VickersClaimed: Book 3 of the Love Seekers Series by Maria Vickers


When she was a little girl, Michaela Snow dreamed of a life full of love and adventure, but not all dreams come true. As a widow raising her niece, Lauren, she doesn’t have time to think about what could have been, and she certainly will not allow herself to think about a certain taekwondo instructor with mesmerizing hazel eyes. Meeting Evan was never part of the plan, and now she can’t seem to get rid of him. She doesn’t want him there, however, the more he’s around, the more she finds herself reluctantly trusting him.

Evan Gibson loves his life and his job, but something is missing. After watching his friends find partners to share their lives with, he wants the same thing for himself. One night stands no longer hold the same appeal they did and so far, no woman has been able to measure up to his ideal…until Michaela.

Complications arise, threatening everything. Life is about to change. Will it tear them apart or push them together?

Staking a claim doesn’t always mean forever.

Claimed by Maria Vickers was a sweet romance. Well written and thought out, but sadly I felt that it really didn’t grab me. I can’t even put my finger on the why or how it didn’t. Generally, I have an idea as to why I just can’t connect with the characters but this time I just don’t. I liked Micky and I liked Evan, but I didn’t love them. I did however adore Lauren. My heart broke for her and all that she was trying to overcome. But even that emotion couldn’t make me fall in love with this book.

I absolutely dislike when I don’t fall in love with a book. It truly stresses my little reviewer heart out. I hate not being able to rave about the characters because I am always afraid that my dislike or lackluster view of the book will make one of you, my readers, not give it a chance. Yet, I can’t try to love a book just because I want to. And sadly, I just can’t fall in love with this book. It was a good fast read but it is not  one I am likely to pick up and read again. If you want something simple, sweet and easy you will truly enjoy this book. But that’s all I could use it for, to pass the time instead of something to sweep me away.

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