Review: Wishing for a Star by Ana Balen

Review: Wishing for a Star by Ana Balen

In Wishing for a Star, Ana Balen touches upon one of the deepest fears of most women, infertility. For a woman who is going through or has gone through infertility this book will hit you deep to the chore. You know the anguish, the heartbreak, the sadness. You know everything that Danielle is going through intimately.


This book deeply touched me, because I too faced this issue. I miscarried, at the age of 18, only 4 months into my pregnancy. The doctors all told me I would never be able to have children due to many issues my body had. All I had ever dreamed of being was a mommy. Never did I think that this going to be my life. I was put on birth control, which only screwed up my body even more. By the time I was 19 I know longer had a “time of the month”. It took five more years to get pregnant. I, personally, never used IVF or anything else. I almost lost my beautiful Z twice during the pregnancy and then once during the labor. The doctors called her a miracle. Five years later I had my son, two years after that I had my last child, my other son.


I wept with Danielle. My heart broke as I lived through all the treatments with her. Balen wrapped me in Danielle and Sam’s story. Their heart beats became my own. Sam and Dani became my friends, my loved ones, my tribe. And I rooted for them to get their star.


I am in shock that this is her debut book. Balen displays a natural born storyteller gene. She will have you crying, laughing, loving and understanding. I look forward to reading her future works. Thank you Ana for having the talent to bring such an emotional subject to the surface in such a beautiful and realistic tribute.

Wishing For A Star by Ana Balen

It's supposed to go like this. Boy meets girl, they fall madly in love with each other, battle some shit in their way, and after conquering the challenge, they ride off to their happily ever after. But, not one fairytale, or love story tells you that after that ride, life happens. We had our story, and we were supposed to live happily in our bubble forever. After one check-up, our bubble burst and reality started to invade. And now, facing the unsure road of IVF treatment, we have to be stronger than ever. Once again, we must go into battle for our happily ever after. Taking that first step was easy. Staying on this road is harder than we thought. And now, with unexpected obstacles in the way, it’s not a question of if the IVF will succeed. It’s will we be strong enough to stay together and reach for the stars?

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