Review: Unsteady by Elizabeth York

Review: Unsteady by Elizabeth YorkUnsteady by Elizabeth York


London Montgomery, was living a lie about who she was, what she did, where she came from, and what she wanted. She thought she was happy, but at forty thousand feet fate would remind her of what life could have been.

Logan Keenan, was never really satisfied. he bounced from city to city as he did woman to woman. He thought he was restless by nature, but the one person who held him up would remind him he wanted more.

Their worlds tilt off axis when they see each other, can they hold each other up, or will they fall down together?

Liz can still rip your feelings even after you think there are no more to rip. Elizabeth York has a talent for creating characters that grasp you and never let go. She has once again scored with Unsteady. Finding two characters that have been through so much at a young age who lose each other and in many ways their selves only to slowly find their way back. I love a great second chance story and York has created just that. While Unsteady is a standalone book you will be happy to find many of the characters you loved from her Brooklyn series (if you haven’t read that series this will make you want to know them more). I always get excited to see what dark and light places York’s mind can go. She has yet to let this blogger/reviewer down.

York has done such an impressive job on telling a story that will hit all of your emotions. She has London, a woman who is living a lie. A woman who is trying so hard to suppress everything she really wants and Logan a man who is hotter than hot and has shut himself down to anyone who might make him feel. Their time together, in the past, was ripped away from them. Will they be able to find and hold on to their future?

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