Book Review: Ruin by Samantha Towle

Book Review: Ruin by Samantha Towle

Okay ya’ll I am going to be blunt and honest with ya I have read many, many books and have had quite a few book boyfriends but generally stay loyal to one guy (Travis Maddox) but it looks like I may have to have two main book boyfriends…..Zeus is OMG!!! Lol. I can legitimately say that Samantha Towle has ruined me with Ruin.

Ruin is a book that honestly I thought would just be another boxer book. Sexy man finds someone to save, falls in love, live happily ever after. Well… I was dead fricking wrong. Cameron is anything but a woman looking to be saved, she did that herself IMO. Zeus while strong and sexy is the one who needs to be saved (from himself – once again JMHO).

Two kids who fall in love young, think that they will always be together until Zeus’ career as a boxer starts taking off. Following advice from his manager he lets Cameron go, thinking it in her best interests. Cameron having no idea wtf is going on lets him go, mainly due to his reason for breaking up… he cheated on her. Yes girls you hear that right he says he cheated on her… I was very loudly cheering her on for being as strong as she was. But Zeus had left her one last gift when they were last together, a baby in the oven. Imagine her surprise when she tries to tell him and he has cut off all ways of contacting him. Cameron does find one way of getting a message to Zeus, his manager.

Now flash forward to present day and ish is about to hit the fan ya’ll. I so want to tell you every aspect of this book but if I do you won’t need to ruin it. And trust me this is one you need to read. Samantha Towle always delivers the goods and lord have mercy did she ever deliver. You get all the feelings in this. Anger, Passion, Sadness, and of course Happiness.

Just note one thing… Zeus is mine!! Lol.

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