Book Review: Steal You by KD Robichaux and CC Monroe

Book Review: Steal You by KD Robichaux and CC MonroeSteal You by K.D. Robichaux, C.C. Monroe

I was a good girl. Until you made me love you. You trained me to be your pretty little bird, my feathers spreading under your attention and praise. You promised you’d leave her. Swore it was me you wanted more than life. But then you broke my wings and silenced my song, and you became my obsession. I’ve spent years trying to figure out a way to change your mind, to win back your heart. But in this moment of desperation, my mind leaves me. And I’ll just Steal you instead.

Surely a fertility doctor would never steal a semen analysis sample for herself?

Steal You is a dark erotic romance full of suspense, depicting a twisted love affair between a professor and his student. They have an obsessive, almost scary kind of love, one that could get them both hurt... and maybe even killed.

I don’t usually read a whole lot of Dom/sub genre books or dark books either but KD Robichaux is an author I never turn down for a review. Why?? Robichaux has a sense of humor that is out of this world. Her writing snagged me with the first book of hers I read. Steal You did not disappoint me.

Generally, when I read a book that has two authors writing I can tell the difference in styles. Steal You was an exception to the rule. KD and CC seamlessly flowed together. It was beautiful.

The story of Lizith and Xander while twisted and a bit dark is actually touching in ways I never thought of.

It is a story of a love that many won’t understand or accept but somewhere deep with inside themselves they long for it. A love that starts because of revenge and deep dark secrets that eventually come to the light. A love that conquers when it was ultimately meant to fail. This is a love story that has it’s faults. It doesn’t start where it was pure but it ends being pure, in the most beautiful ways.

While I want to sit here and tell you all about Xander and his little bird I can’t. Why?? I think it that sometimes experiencing the story is better than reading a summary of it. I can give you all the little details, the plot, the twists,etc. But what I can’t give you is the experience of reading it. Steal You is a book you have to experience not read about. So get off your butt and pick it up. You will thank me for it.

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