Take 2 on Love by Torrie Robles

Take 2 on Love by Torrie RoblesTake 2 on Love by Torrie Robles, Judi Perkins, Jennifer Robters-Hall

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I fell in love with Heath James when I was seventeen years old. Looking in from the outside, it seems like we have it all. A home we love, careers we both wanted, kids we adore. Now years later...I'm not so sure. He used to look at me like I was everything he ever wanted-everything he needed and more. Now in our forties, it's like he doesn't see me at all. Life happens. Careers take off Kids get busy Couples grow apart Walking away... Taking a break, was the hardest decision I'd ever made. I've heard it said that you should never look back, life is always moving forward. To keep the past in the past. But what if I was wrong and my past has always been my future? Is it too late for me to right my wrong?

First let me say I have been honored several times to read and review books by Torrie Robles. I was actually the first blog to ever review her. For once I was ahead of everyone else. I was amazed by her talent even on her debut book, Accidentally Perfect. I have watched her write about accidental love, love after loss, and even MC’s. With that all being said I was not prepared for the utter brilliance of Take 2 on Love. A book that is truly happening every day out in the real world. Robles has hit a home run with T2oL, in my humble opinion.

Torrie takes the situation of falling out of love with your spouse, feeling unwanted, unneeded, underappreciated, and just forgotten about shows the real human side of it. The pain, the hurt, the confusion, the real utter the truth of what a woman feels when this happens. She does it in such a sensitive and respectful matter that you can actually see yourself going through the very same thing. Maybe you are.

In Take 2 on Love, we find Whitney who is married to her high school sweetheart, Heath and mom of three. She has a successful career, amazing children, and a beautiful home. She has everything or so it seems from the outside. Whit does not even how to be just herself. She has always been Heath’s girl, a mom. This is Whitney’s journey to find herself and to find if her place is by Heath’s side or with a love interest that pops up unexpectedly.

But Robles doesn’t stop there. This is a dual POV so we get to the insight of Heath. What he feels, thinks, and struggles with as he watches the only woman who has ever held or even touched his heart walk away. We see his insecurities, his hopes, and his deepest emotions as he tries to find his way either back to his marriage or on his own.

Torrie Robles knew what she was doing when she wrote Take 2 on Love. She talks about marriage in a real life way. Where you can really place yourself or someone you know in their shoes. I highly recommend this book (and all of her books. Can you tell I’m a fan?)

I know have to apologize for how long it took me to get this posted. I have been ill and just couldn’t work up enough ambition to get this done. I wanted it out before today. But what better way than to have my first blog post of the year be about an amazing book and terrific author. I truly hope you will go and check out Take 2 on Love. It is worth the read. Smooches and Dueces!!

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