.•°*”˜˜”*°•. Begat by Ian Crouse.•°*”˜˜”*°•.

How many of you loved the book Da Vinci Code ??? I did. And I also loved the movie. I love a book that is truly intriguing and suspenseful. It’s been a while since I’ve read one. And then out of the blue a new Indie author named Ian Crouse asked if I would like to read and review his debut book. (Ok, 1. Indie author 2. Debut book – like was there a question to that??)

Begat is filled with suspense. It rocks what you think you know to the core and fills your mind with the “what if’s.” Crouse has filled Begat with characters who have some characteristics that you don’t necessarily see fitting them. Addie Capet is a leading homicide detective who has a thing for the goth side of life. Having been raised Catholic, she tends to lean more to the darker side of life. (My kind of girl!) She is on the hunt for a serial killer who likes to drain his victims of their blood. Helping her is her trusty “sidekick” and life long best friend, Gabe Naquin. Gabe is the opposite of Addie in so many ways. While Addie is the dark, Gabe is the light. Still a virgin and waiting on his life long love to realize what is in front of her, he remains pure of heart and body. Neither Addie or Gabe know how to cross the barrier of friendship to relationship, so Addie keeps finding one night stands and Gabe secretly waits for her to love him. (I sooooo ship these two….I mean seriously what guy finds his love at a young age and waits for her in all ways??? That alone is swoon worthy)

When her families past (and present) seem to be connected to the serial killer, it seems that only the information that her Uncle, Archbishop Samuel Navarre can lead her to the truth and the killer. The truth will change her life in so many aspects. Which ones??? Guess you won’t find out until you read Begat. As for me, I am impatiently waiting for Book 2. Come on Ian!!! I am only a mere reader but I NEED the next book!

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