★.•*♥*•.★REVIEW: At Arms Length by Amber Nation★.•*♥*•.★



Amber Nation has done it again! At Arms Length is the winning touchdown of this game. I will freely admit that I am a huge fan of Amber Nation. She is an author that I know when I grab her book I am in for an amazing read. She has yet to fail me. Amber’s writing lures you in, hooks you, and then delivers the goods. I am honestly addicted to her writing.

At Arms Length opens with Holden “Beast” Reed, a hot headed football player being suspended from the team, for yet once again letting his temper get the best of me. Holden has been told to take a vacation and get his ass under control before the suspension becomes permanent. Holden is well known throughout the country for being a beast on the field and off.

Marlee Tate has come home to Gunnison, CO to help her father run their family business, Tate Manor. Running Tate Manor is far from her dream job, yet her dad is sick and needs her. Tate Manor, a bed and breakfast, has been in their family for generations. While she misses the hustle and bustle of city life in California she know has missed the closeness and love that a small town provides.

Due to a snow storm and car accident, Holden and Marlee are thrown together at Tate Manor. Watching the heat build between them and the anticipation grow you will fall in love with both. See them come together and then watch as the snow melts between them. Will secrets that they have kept from each other tear them apart?? Or will they be able to overcome and score their own touchdown?

I hate writing spoilers and I try so damn hard not to….so if my review seems to have something missing it’s probably the part that I’m dying inside to talk about. Lol. Grab At Arms Length and get ready to fall in love with Holden and Marlee. I promise you, you will NOT regret it.

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