Why I blog….

With everything that has been going on in the blogging world I try to stay out of it. Not my circus, not my monkeys. I don’t do drama. Or I should say that I try not to. I have been asked why I blog and at first I really didn’t know what to tell people. I mean why do people do anything?? Because they want to. For me it was because while I’m friendly and fun to be around. I am an introvert lol. I have no one who reads like I do to just discuss books with. Anything to do with books. So I thought why the hell not. I got me a domain and started my blog over a year ago.

Honestly I did it just so I could get everything these books made me want to say out. Never thinking anyone would actually read my posts. Imagine my surprise when I got a small following. I started getting known in the Indie community as someone who would read a new authors books. I was even nominated for Favorite Blog awards (haven’t won but being nominated about made me cry lol).

No my blog is not big. And personally I LOVE that it’s small. I love not having to be involved in the drama and that when something in my life happens I can walk away for a bit. And I have had to do that a few times this past year. In 4 months my family lost three essential people in our lives (my daddy, my nephew, and my father in law). So my emotions have been all over the place since November.

I get to get to know amazing authors and work with them to make their books hits. I have been exposed to authors and genres that I would never have thought to check out. It is so freaking awesome. I don’t get paid to read, review, pimp, and talk about books. I do it because I love it. I love everything about it. I will say I do receive ebooks and sometimes paperbacks from authors who want me to read their material or that appreciate the work I have done. And let me say being mentioned in a books thank yous and acknowledgements is probably the best feeling ever!! It is so freaking awesome to be able to open a book and show my kids and hubby …..look that’s me!!! Yep I’m that geeky girl who does that. LOL. And I’m proud of it. I’m proud of what I do, even if its just a hobby.

When you have a chronic illness and are constantly stuck in a bed for days on end the only way to really escape is to open a book and just dive in. Mind, body, and soul. Books for a long time were the only way I could escape my reality. And that goes back to my childhood.

Maybe one day I’ll be a big time blogger. But that is not what I strive for. Would it be cool, yeah I guess. I just don’t want to be so big I forget why I do what I do. I do it because I love books. I love talking about books, authors, and anything to do with the literary world.

So if you have book, Author, or genre suggestions throw them my way. You never know when I will tag you in a post. Know that these are all my personal feeling and thoughts.

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