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As many of you know I am relatively new to the book review biz, so there is A LOT I don’t know. I learned about NetGalley a few months ago and am just now dipping my toes into the water. Through NetGalley I was given the awesome chance to read Living with Regret by Riann C Miller.

Miller was a name I hadn’t heard of. And for those that actually read my blog you know how I love to come across new authors that actually pull me into a book. I also am a huge fan of football movies and books. My husband swears I own every football movie put out (I don’t but how I wish I did). So Living with Regret was right up my alley!!

Living with Regret is a second chance book. And who doesn’t deserve a second chance (ok so there are a few type of people who don’t but this is not the case lol).

Jordan Taylor and Chase Adams were high school sweethearts. The ones everyone knew were going to get married after college. The two that you never thought would split up. Until they did. As life changes and pulls them onto opposite sides of the US and into totally different lives, they are suddenly thrust back together when Chase is injured in an NFL game.

Due to his injury he rewrites history in his mind. Thinking that he is married to Jordan. His mom begs Jordan to play along, just until his memory corrects itself.

This is such a bittersweet romance. You can feel the heartbreak their distance has brought into their lives. Neither living the life they had dreamed about. Will this brief time be enough to rekindle their romance??

Watch as the past meets the future, how the mistakes of the past are brought to the forefront. Will Jordan and Chase be able to battle their past together or will it close the door on any possibility of a future for the couple?

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