»—-»Book Review: Meltdown of Mad Dog by K.E. Osborn»—-»


When I first started reading K.E. Osborn’s Meltdown of Mad Dog I really wasn’t sure what to think. Every MC book I’ve read had tons of sex scenes and dealt mainly with the main character than the club. The more I go into the book I felt like I was reading a script for Sons of Anarchy (if you’re a fan of SOA  you will love this book).

I loved the dynamics of the club. it was raw, gritty, and completely believable. Mad Dog was a straight up cunt (his words, not mine). His character is almost completely deplorable. His only saving grace is Millie, his ex (estranged??) wife and his son, Steel (aka Dylan). I freaking l loved this book and look forward to reading more of K.E. Osborn.

Seriously if you want a book that grabs your attention, GRAB THIS ONE!! I now have to grab the first 3 books in this series. This book is not a HEA so fair warning on that. I think that is probably what made me love this book so much.

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