In Loving Memory


In Loving Memory of Harley

September 24,1996 – January 30,2016

On January 30, 2016 I was speechless and not much has changed. So I’m going to try. When Harley came into my life I was completely lost. I had just suffered a miscarriage and felt like I had lost everything. Harley was my saving grace. His smiles and laughter brought me back from the edge. I was given a gift so amazing. 9 months later my sister moved back to Wyoming and I cried like a baby because I wouldn’t be with Harley every day. Then I followed. By that time CJ was born and I was pregnant. I moved in with Tiff. Harley would crawl up on my bed every morning and put his hand on my belly and tell me “She kicked me Aunt Kris.” He was just as excited for Zoe as I was. When I brought her home he vowed to always protect her and he did. 
As Harley grew up I got to see what a loving brother he was, not only to his siblings but to my kids as well. He would come spend the weekend with us, bringing Star Wars marathons every time. He was dead set I was going to be a fan. We even went and saw the last movie together last month. 

When he moved to Oklahoma we spent movie nights together. He taught Zoë to shoot and even how to drive. He talked conspiracies with Joe Bob, and Gabriel how to play Halo. He always had the time to be here for anything we wanted to do. He made sure he attended school programs and was always taking pictures of Zoe and the boys. I even got him to pose with Santa for me. 

Harley was the most giving young man. Always helping where he saw the need. He never asked what was in it for him, just if you needed help. 

There isn’t a morning that I don’t wake up not missing his smile, his laugh, or his endless teasing. For nineteen years my sister shared Harley with me. He was like a son to me. I can never repay her for that. Those years with him are priceless to me, just like all the time I get with his brothers and my own kids. 

He was my first child in so many ways. He helped shape me into the mom I am. We shared so much together. Secrets, hobbies, and love. 

I am, now and always will be, honored to be his Aunt. He was my saving grace. God knew I needed him. I just wish He hadn’t taken him back. I will never forget him. I will miss him every day. I will finish the Star Wars movies, if only for him. My heart will always ache, I will always strain to hear his voice, and I will always see that little cocky grin when I close my eyes. 

On February 5,2016 We laid my Harley next to his Papa. No one ever knows the impact that they have on other people, but the impact my nephew had was huge in his short life. It was shown in how friends and family drove and flew in from all over just to pay their last respects. It was shown when all of his co-workers showed to say good-bye, in all the tears and memories shared. 

Harley was loved by everyone he met. He was a lot like his Papa, he never met a stranger. The world lost an amazing young man and heaven gained an Angel. 

While we are left to mourn and cling to each other, Harley succeeded in bringing all of those that he loved together. I will forever miss him. My heart will never heal, but I will always remember his smile, his laugh, and his loving heart. He was the best son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, and friend that any of us could ask for. 

Harley brought so much joy into all of our lives. I, personally, will be clinging to that as time slowly goes by. I will remember how he thought of himself as Zoe’s protector against the male species, how he always took the time to play with Joe Bob and Gabriel. 

I will cling to his love that he gave me and pray that it is enough to get me through the day. I was blessed my sister shared him with me. While my world seems dark I will hold onto his memories and love to serve as my light. 

Until I see you again Harley, I will love and miss you. I was blessed to be your Aunt. Until I see him again he will always be my Harley bug.
Thank you to everyone for all the prayers, love, and support you have given to my family. It means more than I could ever find the words for.

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