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Imagine having a very successful modeling career, a hot model boyfriend, and an apartment to die for. That is the life of Summer of Montgomery. Until she walks in to a shoot and finds her “boyfriend” cheating on her for all to see (again). With her world slowly crumbling around her, Summer decides it is time to return home.

Having survived a traumatic childhood filled with abuse, Damian has found his niche in the tattoo world. Managing the Boneyard and being one of the best artist in the business, he has everything he has ever wanted. And then Summer returns.

Summer and Damian were best friends growing up. Best friends that later became lovers in high school. Until suddenly Damian ended things. A devastated   Summer, never knowing why Damian ended, left for New York.

Kristina Borden brings you into a sweet and sexy second chance romance. Read both Damian and Summer’s POV to see where they went wrong and if they can correct it. Falling in the love the first time is sweet, finding the same love a second time can be downright mind blowing. Will their past ruin with their future?

Ok, now that I have that part of the way let me get to how I felt about this book :). I loved getting to know Summer (even if at the beginning I was a little bitch girl who kinda wanted to see her fall…..can you be anymore perfect Summer??). I love Damian….then again who doesn’t love a hot and tattooed man?? This book is definitely a great read for someone who likes some drama but not the whole Kardashian type of drama. You root for them….you want to punch the crap out of Cameron (Summer’s cheating (fill in the blank) boyfriend)…..you wonder why Summer does some of what she does….and then you keep reading to make sure they got the HEA they deserved. And yes I eventually came to love Summer, because as Dared went on I realized she wasn’t as perfect as I thought, then again who of us is???


I FREAKING loved watching the battle between Summer and Damian….it was hotter than hot. Waiting to see who would succumb first and how hard the fall might be. Both characters know how to play the seduction game.

*Disclaimer* I was given a copy of Dared in exchange for an honest review.


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