★.•*♥*•.★Runaway Heart by Sonya Loveday & Candace Knoebel★.•*♥*•.★

WOW!! Obviously my post didn’t post as it was suppose to…I guess with everything going on I hit save and not publish. I am sooooo sorry. This was a major mistake on my part. So here is my review on Runaway Heart, majorly late. Once again I apologize. I hate to be late for anything.


Do you believe in lust at first sight?? Of course who doesn’t right?? But do you believe in losing your heart to that person??? Runaway Heart is a book about second chance at love, when your first chance you were too scared to make the move.

When Hannah attends her best friends wedding and gets stuck with the best man, Ed. Neither was looking for love, maybe just a quick tumble. Hannah is no nonsense roller derby chick and Ed is a bloke from Britain trying to find his place after returning home to England. So when a hurricane rocks the island of Rum Cay and the two find themselves thrown together. Together they find a night of passion. Neither one expecting to end up wanting more.

When months later fate places Hannah and Ed in the same place at the same time, you get to see how sometimes the heart finds exactly what it needs.

Sonya & Candace have done it again with a sweet romance that grabs you and makes you feel all the emotions of a love found when least expected. I got swept up in the twists and turns of Runaway Heart. Grab this book if you want a guaranteed HEA that will leave you smiling.

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