★.•*♥*•.★NEW REVIEW: Water Wishes by Elizabeth York★.•*♥*•.★


As we all know I am a huge Elizabeth York fan. I have been since day one of reading her books. So of course I was honored to receive an ARC of Water Wishes. While you don’t necessarily have to read Wishing on the Water (book 1 of the series) I strongly suggest you do just so you know all the characters and the back story.

Elizabeth starts us off by reliving the last chapter of book 1 (smart thinking!! Especially for someone who devours books like I do. This way I don’t have to reread a book to make the story fresh in my mind), so of course we are automatically thrown in with a HUGE twist!!! I love how Elizabeth does this because it seriously makes you go WOW!! Where is the woman taking me??

Mark and Brooklyn (From Elizabeth’s Brooklyn series) are once again making an appearance. I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to review this because quite honestly I want to scream from the rooftops about all of the book BUT if I do that you will know everything. Hell even talking about the plot tells you everything! I can say that this is an extremely well written and thought out book. There is no wilting heroine but a strong, quick thinking, sarcastic heroine. Which are my personal favorite. Elizabeth keeps you second guessing everything through out the whole book. She makes you feel for people you never thought you would.

You need to read this book….it is so much more than just a romance book. It is so full of suspense that you will be (once again) ready to toss something around. The fact that Elizabeth can get you to feel so much in just a few pages is a true testament to her skills as a writer.

You root for Jax and Candi…you hate Vanessa (or as I like to call her Skankessa). Sorry Elizabeth I still don’t like her….I wish many many bad spa days on her. Read the book and you will get the spa days reference. This is a book (hell a series) that I know I will re- read time and time again.

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