For those of you who do not follow My Blissful Books Facebook page I want to take a moment and explain why I’ve been gone for so long. On November 14, 2015 my Daddy passed away after a long battle with stage 4 renal failure. It has taken me this long to be able to sit down and concentrate enough to really write about this or even write a review. Not because I haven’t wanted to but because my world was upended.

So now I’m back and I have 3 reviews coming up starting tomorrow with Runaway Heart by Sonya Loveday & Candace Knoebel. I also have reviews coming up for Vegas Love by Jillian Dodd and Love at First Glance by Muriel Garcia.

I am sorry that I have not been able to be my normal blogging self but I hope that I am back at full force now. I have read so many books lately, trying to get out of my mind…some I will review. Wish I could do them all but I wouldn’t be able to stop blogging lol.


RIP Robert “HardRock” Shade

Your Wings Were Ready But My Heart Was Not

I miss you with my everything but I’ll see you in a wink.

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