★.•*♥*•.★Book Review: Deadly Impulse by Carolyn Arnold★.•*♥*•.★


It has been a while since I read a Suspenseful Mystery novel, and when I say a while I mean years. I have always been a huge fan of Patricia Cornwell. So when I was asked to review Deadly Impulse by Carolyn Arnold I was happy to take a break from the usual love story that I’ve been reviewing. Don’t get me wrong I love my romance novels but a good mystery is always great.

Deadly Impulse is book number 6 in the Detective Madison Knight Series. If this book is any indication of the rest of the series I am definitely in!! Madison Knight is a tough, sassy, and intelligent Detective. She is a straight shooter and takes no crap. When she is called out to the scene of a elderly woman found dead in a wheelchair, that has a Pro Life sign, strapped to it. No ID is to be found.

Follow Knight and her partner as they struggle to put little bitty clues together when the first murder seems to flow into two more murders. When two of the victims are found to be related to each other, the suspect pool has now been blown wide open.

Carolyn Arnold has timing, flow, and character development down pat. I literally finished this book in about an hour and a half. Thank heavens for school or I would have had to put it down. I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole book.

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