★.•*♥*•.★Book Review – Southern Perfection by Casey Peeler★.•*♥*•.★

Casey Peeler has re-released Southern Perfection and some how made the book even more perfect! Having had the chance to read the new version I have revised and updated my review. Grab some sweet tea, Kleenex’s, and Southern Perfection. Now that  you have those get comfy and enjoy!

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The relationships between Raegan and Emmett is so sweet. Emmett is the type of young man that all girls dream of finding. My favorite part of the whole book though, the part that truly connected with me deeply was the relationship between Raegan and her Grandaddy. The love and bond that flows between them brought tears to my eyes.

Raegan was raised by her Grandaddy after losing her parents and Grandma in a car accident. Having lost (almost) everyone that meant everything to her , one small gesture brings young Raegan hope. Emmett, a boy in her class, gave her a stuffed rabbit, that reminds her of Thumper (the class pet). Raegan holds on to that bunny over the years, even after Emmett has moved.

Senior year has come and with it the return of Emmett, who has moved back to live with his mother and step-father. He enters back into Raegan’s life, having never forgotten her.

When tragedy once again hits Raegan and her Grandaddy, Emmett and Cole (Emmett’s step-brother and close family friend) step in to help her and her Grandfather. Trying to keep Raegan’s life as close to normal while she deals with her Grandaddy’s cancer.

Casey Peeler has truly brought such life to her characters. She makes you feel every laugh and every tear. Please make sure you have Kleenex. I was sad when the last page was turned.

I would recommend Southern Perfection to anyone who wants a believable love story, a nook that has more than just the typical “Boy and Girl fall in love” story line. If Southern Perfection doesn’t hit you at the core of your heart, I don’t know a book that will.

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