★.•*♥*•.★Book Review: More Than A Friend by Amber Nation★.•*♥*•.★

I have to say I’m sorry I thought I had already written and scheduled this post. Wouldn’t you know that brain fog is the reasoning for it not being done. I’m sure I wrote this in my head and published it (once again, in my head). Sadly my mind is not syncing up with my laptop (oh, if only!!). The worst part is that this is only one of two reviews that I have brain fogged on. So lucky you there will be two, if not three reviews, published tonight!! Now to the real reason you are sitting there staring at my blog….. More Than A Friend by Amber Nation!!!


First be forewarned, I am a huge Amber Nation fan, so I may gush!!! More Than A Friend is 3rd in the Cottage Grove Series. And the second one that I am reviewing. More Than A Friend finds Miri, when she moves to Cottage Grove and grieving the loss of her parents, who died in a wreck a mere four weeks before. Still in high school and braving the halls of the small high school, Miri gets her first glimpse and chat with the boy who instantly steals her breath, Bentley Jenkins. While catching her breath from the magnificent specimen, Miri also meets her soon to be best friend, Oliver Tildon.

Later in life Miri and Bentley are reconnected. Bentley can’t believe that the beautiful woman is the same little Miri he remembered. Miri remembers that Bentley was a playboy, and rumor has it that hasn’t changed in the years since high school. So when Miri somehow catches his eye, she automatically friend zones him. Complete friend zone!! I mean can you imagine how hard that would be to do!! Props to Miri for being able to do so…..lord, knows I wouldn’t be able to.

Watch as Miri and Bentley try being best friends and watch the other have relationships. Watch them fight hard to keep each other in their life. Watch them fall…..and enjoy the splash! I seriously didn’t think Amber could beat Julia and Dean. But I have now tossed Dean to the side (well not totally to the side but to more to the left) and now have plenty of room for Bentley!!! Amber Nation keeps bringing characters to life that I wish I could meet in person!! If you have to read More Than A Friend…hell read the whole series! You will fall in love over and over, first with Baylor, then Dean, and last but certainly not least Bentley!!!

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