★.•**•.★REVIEW: Brooklyn’s Survival by Elizabeth York★.•**•.★

Brooklyn's Cover

Elizabeth has done it again. She has brought all of us a book that is filled with suspense and emotion that just radiates off the book. In the sequel to Surviving Brooklyn, Elizabeth reminds us that she has her suspenseful timing down to a fine art. So let’s get to the review, right??

Brooklyn’s Survival opens with the last chapter as the prologue. Smart thinking!! I didn’t have to reread the last couple chapters of the first book for a reminder. And of course we are automatically thrown back into the scene where RJ has open fired at Brooklyn, Mark, and Taylor. Who honestly would think to have a gun fight at a funeral, we are talking I can see bullets flying in my mind while I’m reading this. Takes me back to the Mob and Mafia days (and yes I do have a fascination with the Mob/Mafia era).

Having survived this horrifying event Brooklyn is put into witness protection and is now living her life as Angie, a waitress at Applebee’s. Right there you can see how drastically Brooklyn’s life has changed. No longer an Assistant DA, she is barely scrapping by as a waitress. (Not hating on waitresses, as I’ve been one and loved it – damn hard work if you are a good waitress) She has no friends, no life, nothing and is filled with guilt and worry. Most of that stemming from not knowing that her friends are alive and well. Reminder in the witness protection program you cut off all contact with anyone and everyone in your previous life.

Upon breaking the WPP rules of no contact, she googled her friends and found them alive and well, yet grieving because she was “dead”, Brooklyn decides she is no longer going to run from RJ. If he wants her, he can come and take his best shot (pun intended) at her. Elizabeth masterly begins to have Brooklyn pick up parts of her that she has lost. Her strength, her attitude, and even her fiery temper. When returning to her home she knows that she is opening herself up as a target to RJ. Now I can’t go into detail because seriously who wants to read a book if I tell you everything??? I don’t think Brooklyn realized that life truly does go on for those left behind and she may not like what is now their lives. She finds out that her place in those lives has changed, for the worst or for the better who truly knows.

Pick up Brooklyn’s Survival and watch her evolve from a victim to a survivor. Cheer on Brooklyn as she takes back her life and sense of peace. I have to applaud Elizabeth York because she worked and researched to make sure that Brooklyn’s recovery was realistic. And it is! I felt like Brooklyn was an old friend that I was watching kick off the cocoon and fly. I absolutely cannot wait until Book 3 comes out, and darn you Elizabeth for making me wait until next year!

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