.·¤♥¤·.Review: Heart Breaker by Cole Saint James.·¤♥¤·.


As I was sitting down to write this review I started thinking of all the romance books that I’ve reviewed and realized that I had yet to review one written by a man. So Cole, you broke that cherry for me darlin’! LOL!!

Heart Breaker starts with fireworks! Explosive, jaw dropping, holy crap, grab your partner, slam the door shut and lock it fireworks!! Yep sex scene right off the bat! So ladies and gents this is not for those under 18!! As a reader you walk in on Essie Gray and Aidan Callahan worshiping each other’s bodies. And that’s just the prologue. Grab the fans and turn them on high because Cole Saint James can definitely write some steamy scenes.

Heart Breaker is about a young woman, who loses everything the day she loses her brother in a car accident. Essie had already lost her parents when she was a child and her brother was her lifeline. He kept her from being a ward of the state and put his hopes and dreams on hold just so that they would get to stay together.

Heart Breaker is also about Aidan, a young rich playboy who has ran from his family, their money, and the responsibility that goes with it. He spends his time surfing. His brother is pushing him to come home and help him take care of the family business, but Aidan wants nothing to do with it.

One car crash, 4 lives gone, and 2 lives forever changed. It is in that one instant that Essie and Aidan’s lives become intertwined. Essie wants to hurt those that took away her everything. Aidan just wants to make sure that Essie never finds out that he is trying to help her without her knowledge. She don’t want his money or sympathy. Hell, she wants absolutely nothing but his blood.

Cole Saint James has written a book that truly makes you feel the loss that occurs. He brings you to the edge of pain, desire, and revenge. He definitely has you clamoring for the sequel.

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