.·¤♥¤·.REVIEW: Ember Skies by Nicky Crawford.·¤♥¤·.


I am going to give fair warning on this book and I hope that you take it seriously. Remember that there is a woman out there who is living this book right now, that there are women who have lived this, and there are women who never got the chance to walk away. Thank you Nicky for taking a such a serious real world problem and writing about it with such compassion and honesty.

Ember Skies thrusts you into the world of Ember, a woman sho lives in fear for her life and her beautiful child, Harlee’s life. I honestly don’t want to tell you everything that Ember goes through. It’s horrific, but it’s HONEST. It happens every day.

This book touches me straight to the core because at one time I was Ember. I cried throughout this book. I understood every part of what she went through. The doubt, the regret, the fear, and finally the freedom. Nicky Crawford wrote Ember Skies in such a masterful way that you are truly missing out if you do not read it. I, honestly, don’t read books that deal with spousal abuse very often simply due to the fact that if you have not experienced it the book tends not to sound truthful or it sounds to played up. Nicky wrote this book with so much passion that it shines through. You root for Ember, want to beat up Austin, want to cradle Harlee, want to hug Harper, and want to fall in love with Dalton.

Read Ember Skies and you will not be disappointed. You will walk her steps. You will see her become a phoenix, because out of the ashes she does rise.

With all the being said I will end with: If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse (male or female) please get help!! Please reach out to someone, anyone. You are worth the fight!!

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE


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