★.•**•.★REVIEW: The Secret Seekers Society And the Beast of Bladenboro by J.L. Hickey★.•**•.★


Welcome to a world of adventure. J. L. Hickey has opened so many doors with this book. A world that as children we wish that we could explore. Heck, as an adult I want to explore. The Secret Seekers Society And the Beast of Bladenboro brings us into the life of two children, siblings, Hunter and Ellie. recently orphaned, they are shipped off to live with their godfather, who they have never met, in a huge mansion. The mansion has many secrets, of which only a couple are revealed in the book. Thankfully this is   a series. As the children try to settle down in the mysterious mansion they are made aware that this place is not as it seems.

I am a huge Harry Potter fan and I have to say that this book reminds me of the Potter series. No, it’s not a bunch of magic spells or a dark force trying to take the life of a child. It is the wonderment of being able to see through the eyes of a child and rediscover the world. Hickey has truly written a story that will rival Rowlings. Once everyone discovers The Secret Seekers Society and the series hits it big I will be saying I was once asked to review by J.L. Hickey!!!! Yes I am that confident in this book.

So I request of all of you that follow my blog pick up this book. It is FREE on Amazon, SCORE! Read them with your children, I did. The Secret Seekers Society is a middle school grade level (as Potter began that way). My 8 year old son absolutely loved it. I am truly excited to get the second book and begin it.

So Mr. Hickey just remember me when you are blowing up the charts, and if ever The Secret Seekers Society goes big screen know that I will be there opening day!

STARS: ★★★★★

You can find Secret Seekers Society and The Beast of Blandenbro HERE.

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