★.•**•.★The Man in the Golden Mask by N.A. Wetzel


Move over Bella and Edward!! Make room for the incoming king and queen, Cassius and Charlotte. Dive in to the deep waters of voodoo, vampires, and love. Charlotte is a young woman who feels as though she has failed at everything. She is returning home to her grandma in the wake of her parents death, her dropping out of college, and what she feels is her “failure” in life. The only thing she feels she has in her life is her grandma, Voodoo Priestess Isabella and her best friend, Tina.

Having found a job, working alongside Tina, Isabella is the right place at the right time and meets Cassius, drop dead gorgeous new comer to town. Cassius is new to town and wants to make friends, so he throws a huge Masquarade ball. Shortly after the ball 3 of the gentlemen that Tina and Charlotte have encountered have been found dead. Devoid of all blood and fluids. This, on top of another body found in the same state, spikes fear in the community.

How does Cassius fit into this??? Does he fit?? How will these deaths affect all 4 characters?? I wish I could break down and tell you all of this! Because Wetzel does such an amazing descriptive job drawing you into the story. You feel as though you are watching the whole story happen.

While yes Twilight was a sweet romance, The Man in the Golden Mask is that and so much more! You get the suspense, and mystery. Romance and paranormal. If you are a fan of Twilight you will definitely LOVE The Man in the Golden Mask

STARS: ★★★★

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