★.•**•.★REVIEW: Mortom by Erik Therme★.•**•.★


Erik Therme has brought to life a mystery so gripping that you feel as though you are at the side of Andy as he tries to solve it. Craig was Andy’s cousin. They were not close, more like mere acquaintances then relatives. So imagine Andy’s surprise when upon Craig’s death Andy learns that he has been left all of Craig’s estate. Andy is given strict instructions to receive his inheritance. When he shows up to Craig’s house and enters it the game has begun.

This is story of intelligence versus intelligence. The one thing that Andy remembers having in common with Craig is puzzles. Imagine Andy’s shock when he realizes that Craig has left him the puzzle of a lifetime. Clues so hard to find that Andy almost gives up.

Erik Therme has plotted out a puzzle so enthralling that you can’t help but want to solve it yourself. With every surprise that pops up you can’t help but yearn for more. Come down the rat hole and scavenge for the answers to each clue. Time is ticking and who knows what is to happen on Friday if Andy does not solve the puzzle in time.

Along for this hunt is Kate, Andy’s sister. Read as she starts to get more drawn into the puzzle without realizing it. Craig’s game involves people without them even knowing it. The prize at the end though is truly the main shocker.

As ya’ll know I don’t do spoilers and it is so hard for me to keep this one in….but I can’t let it out. If I do then I ruin the whole story, the game.

You have to read Mortom if you love suspense and mystery books. Erik Therme delivers an action packed, thought provoking and exciting read. I highly recommend jumping in the game.

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