★•**•.★Surviving the Shattered by Crystal Beechley★•**•.★


Surviving the Shattered is a romance that touches every emotion a woman has. At the beginning of Surviving the Shattered we are at Eric’s, Lilly’s husband, funeral. Yes girls this is an ugly cry so make sure to have the Kleenex at the ready. See Lilly and Eric were not even married 24 hours before Eric was killed in a car accident. Eric was killed on their way home from their wedding reception by a drunk driver. Hence the ugly cry. We watch as Lilly grieves deeply for her husband, for the life they had planned, the life that Lilly lost due to a drunk driver.

We follow Lilly as she slowly tries to find a new “normal” without Eric….as she hits her lowest of lows. We watch as Piper and Luke try to help her return to the living. We watch as someone tries to destroy her. She is being targeted, for reasons no one knows. And we watch as she finally finds love again, with someone who has always loved her.

Surviving the Shattered is an amazing story of overcoming loss. Crystal Beechley makes you go through the emotions with the characters in her book. She is truly gifted author who has written a book that will tug at your heart strings for weeks on end.

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