★•**•.★Next Stop: Nina by Robin Raven★•**•.★


I have never read a time traveler novel until Robin approached me with Next Stop: Nina. I honestly did not know what to expect and had nothing to compare this book to. At times that is a good thing lol. This book hooked me almost from the get go. This is Robin Raven’s debut! Lately I have been getting blown away by all the amazing debut books I’ve been reading and this one is another one of those WOW moments.

Nina has lived a life full of pain and loss. She has endured abuse from the time she was little. And just when instead of giving up she decides to live, Nina awakens as herself but at the age of 10. She still has the mind of an adult and the memories of the life she lead before the leap. Nina tries to change her past, sadly the main things she wants to change don’t seem to be able to change no matter how she tries.

Just when Nina thinks that she might have figured things out there are more surprises…..I just don’t want to give away the whole book. This is an amazing book. Robin Raven has written a book that will grab your attention and keep it. You will not want the book to end, you will want to live the life of Nina over and over. You will want to fall in love with the man who she loves in almost each of her lives. Read as she learns the how and why of how this has happened to her.

Seriously grab a drink, a comfy blankie, and just snuggle in with this book. It will take you to so many places. Just imagine what would you change about your life if you could. What relationships would you have not allowed to happen and how that may change your life later on. Read as Nina lives through those what if’s and should’ves.

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