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I reviewed Caller 107 before I started My Blissful Books. This was a book that is not part of my usual genres. That is actually why I chose it. Caller 107 sounded intriguing and that is what drew me to it. So here is my review of Caller 107, plus some. I hate doing spoilers of books which is why my original review on Goodreads and Amazon is so short. But here on MBB I will be going a little more in depth.


Original Review:
I will admit that I had a hard time getting into Caller 107 but boy am I ever glad I stuck it out! Maybe it was because I saw myself in 13 year old Nat and I didn’t want to relive my own rebellion or think of how it may have ended. But that is the very reason why this book is amazing. It is so well written! Matthew Cox pulls you into Natalie’s world and makes you see the how, the why, and the emotions behind every dumb movement that leads up to her tragic situation. The subject material may be a little dark but it is VERY realistic.
Caller 107 is well worth the read.


Since I can now go more in depth about Caller 107. So here I go, ladies and gents.

Natalie is a rebellious 13 year old who is just trying to get attention. She is from a very well to do family yet Natalie looks for and falls in with a bad crowd. She starts hanging out with an older group of kids who like to do drugs and wreck havoc where ever they go. Natalie has a bad attitude and seems to think that alone will keep her safe. If only!! When she finds herself in a situation that neither her mouth or wits can keep her safe her life completely changes.

Enter the voice of DJ Todd! And the real adventure begins. DJ Todd sends Natalie on what I would call a soul searching scavenger hunt. And that is about as much as I can say without really giving too much away.

Why don’t I want to go more in depth then that?? Because I want you to go and pick up a copy of Caller 107. I want you to fall down the rabbit hole and get lost!! So please do yourself a favor and check out Matthew S Cox’s Caller 107!!! You will not be disappointed.

I completely related to Natalie. I was her to a point when I was younger. I ran with a rough crowd, I sought out trouble and those who created it. Matthew S Cox makes her realistic, believable, and very relatable.

You can find Caller 107 at Amazon.

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