★•**•.★And the Stars Fell Silent by Trinity Roberts★•**•.★


Not too long ago Trinity Roberts approached me about reading her new book, And The Stars Fell Silent, and I agreed. This book is from the Dystopian Genre. This is a genre that I have previously detoured from just because I don’t like to think of the end of the world. I prefer happy things lol. Honestly, I am very happy I took the leap of faith and read ATSFS.

Trinity Roberts has created a world that grabs you by the back of the neck and drags you in. Kick and scream if you want but you truly need to be in this world. ATSFS follows Kellan and Skyler, two young lovers who face living in a bio-dome. They are extremely lucky to be among those chosen to live in the dome. Not all of their friends were given that same opportunity.

Trinity Roberts throws in a HUGE plot twist. Well actually a couple! Read how Kellan and Skylar have to say good bye to friends and loved ones that are not deemed worthy to live in the dome. See how they fight to survive, how they fight to hold on to their love, and how they see the world that they grew up in change so swiftly around them.

The thing I found so compelling about this book was that Trinity Roberts was able to make me care for side characters. I cared so much about a man named John and his young daughter Ava that I have actually begged Trinity to write their story. I can honestly say I would read that book, even though I don’t think that the Dystopian Genre is for me. But I can’t turn down the chance to broaden my reading views nor to help a new Indie author. I love doing both!

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