Amazon and Their New Policy

Generally I tend to not get into petitions and that sort of stuff, but here lately after talking to several authors I have found out about alot of Amazon policy changes. Many of which affect Indie Authors and some that affect all Authors.

The newest policy, that just went into effect yesterday makes it where Amazon can decide that the author “knows” the reviewer and deny the review!!! Now most authors do tours and conventions where they “meet” hundreds of fans. They converse daily with bloggers, vloggers, groups, and social media. But does that constitute the author “knowing” those people. I personally stalk Jillian Dodd, Abbi Glines, Colleen Hoover, Casey Peeler, and many other authors, does this mean they know me?? NO!! It means I am a supportive fan who follows them in hopes of scoring their new books on release day. It means that I repost their posts and retweet their tweets. I freak out when they respond to one of my posts on their fan pages or retweet one of my tweets (and yes I totally fangirled when Abbi Glines did that – even too a screenshot of it). Yet that does not mean that they are coming over to my house to just hang out! Even though that is every book nerds dream come true.

Do I personally know a few authors….yes! Just because I know someone who writes does not mean that I will give a glowing review. I review honestly. Do I hate giving a bad review…YES! WHY??? I figure that just because I don’t particularly like a book does not mean I have to give a bad review. I try to find the good in a book so that others who may enjoy it will! That’s just how I review. I believe in encouraging authors not beating them down.

If you wonder how an author feels about this please read this post by Author Elizabeth York The Problem with Amazon and Their New Policy. Sign the petition in the post. Help your favorite authors and all authors by getting Amazon to change their policy.


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