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I was given the privilege to read and review For The Love of Murphy Anthology in exchange for a HONEST review. In this sweet, fast and enjoyable read are 5 romances. I found all five to be well written, sweet and the type of stories that make you go “Awwwww!”. I don’t tend to do anthologies simply because if I start reading a really good story I want more. That was the only downfall of this book. I truly enjoyed all 5 stories and didn’t want to see them end. I am hoping that as time goes on the authors will expand and re-release each story on their own, so that I can get more! (What can I say, I’m a greedy person)

So I’ll review each individual story. I find it hard to just review the book as a whole when I know that I’m dealing with several stories and authors. It just doesn’t feel right (to me) to lump them all together.

 No Wrong Turns by Lisa A. Adams

After finding out that her longtime boyfriend, Brandon, is dumping her for the other woman Jessica decides to move to a new town. In hopes of forgetting and being able to move on she throws her life into her car and starts down a new and unpredictable road.

Along her way her car runs out of gas, she hurts her leg and stumbles until she finds a gas station. As luck (or lack of) would have it she has lost her wallet. Then enters Sean….. I can’t tell you what happens from here because I don’t want to give the whole story away but I will say that if Sean were to grace the real world  WOW what a helluva man!!

Falling for You by Michelle Ziegler

Trying to find love has been hard for Darci. First being dumped at the alter, now she struggles in the dating scene, having taken to dating site. Finding all the wrong guys, Darci wonders when her Prince Charming will show.Darci’s best friend, Abby moves in to force her to move on past her doomed wedding and to find happiness in the arms of another man.

When an email from her ex-fiancee’s best friend shows up in her inbox, Darci life starts to change……read and find out how Andrew changes Darci’s luck.

Coffee and Cufflinks by Annabelle Blume

Olivia is a hard working business woman, who just happens to still be getting over a break up that occurred six months ago. While not having in luck in the love department and having even worse luck at work. An account that she had been working on is now about to be in ruins for the fourth time. Having one last chance to redeem herself and her company she finds herself having to wine and dine the clients whose account keeps getting totally screwed up.

While entertaining and trying to save the account her luck changes…. in walks Cufflinks….

A Slippery Slope by Rebecca Hart

Anne Montgomery is looking forward to a weekend of fun with her girlfriends. Not looking for nothing but slopes, massages, and drinks with her girls imagine her surprise when she bumps into a Devlin, part of the ski patrol.

After being involved in a skiing accident on the slopes it seems like Anne might have accidentally fallen into something more. Find out if Anne and Devlin melt the snow when you read this sweet story.

The Shamrock Incident by London Saint James

Marissa Carmichael has found herself over her head in Saint Patricks decorations. Needing help desperately she has tried to call in her part time help. Her delivery boy has been making mistakes all day. Delivering the wrong flowers to the wrong events. She feels as though if anything is going to go wrong it already has. When her delivery boy accidentally hits a parked car, leaves the scene and doesn’t tell her about it you would think that NOTHING in her life could go right. Enter Trey Cleary, the owner of the parked car, and Marissa’s world begins to get a pinch of luck.

These are some stories that I would reread again when I didn’t have time for a long novel but needed a sweet pick me up. So enjoy them and keep your fingers crossed that the authors put out longer versions!!

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