★•**•.★REVIEW: Accidently Perfect by Torrie Robles★•**•.★

Good Afternoon ya’ll. I have to tell you when I first started blogging I did it simply because I absolutely love to talk about books and I personally thought my husband was sick to death of hearing me rattle on and on about something he had no clue about lol. This was my way to get all my excitement out. NEVER did I expect it to become what it has. I have met so many amazing authors and been given the opportunity to read books I would never have thought of or maybe never would have found! This is truly a hobby that is bringing me such enjoyment.

One of those authors I have had the huge pleasure of meeting and reading is Torrie Robles. I love finding and reading indie authors. There are so many amazing authors that have not been picked up by publishing companies and I love to be able to say I was always a fan. And let me tell you I am a HUGE fan of Torrie Robles now.

Torrie just put out her debut book Accidently Perfect!!


Accidentally Perfect is Complete Perfection!! When Laney rushes to her boyfriends house to begin her vacation early she gets the shock of her life…..finding said boyfriend’s bum in the air and his face a little too close to another woman’s wares. Okay so extremely to close to the hussy’s hussy!

Laney, of course, calls her bestie Stella, who talks her into a weekend in Sin City. After a wild night in Sin City we get to meet Nathan. Who is Nathan?? Girl!!!! He is the amazingly hot, rich, drop dead in bed gorgeous man that Laney married the night before!!! I know what you’re thinking ….seriously??? Like that isn’t an annulment waiting to happen. WRONG!!! Accidently Perfect shows you why a rash decision can be so insanely perfect.

Follow Laney and Nathan as they prove time and time again that true love can hit in an instant, that money doesn’t necessarily mean happiness, and that love does conquer all. Fall in love with both characters as you watch them face exes, raising children (Laney has twins from her first marriage), vindictive family members, and the press (I did mention Nathan is like extremely rich right??)

I think one of the parts that truly touched me was the parenting skills of Brad (Laney’s ex) and Laney. Yes people I know it is just a book but many divorced parents could learn a few things from these characters. I love that Torrie shows that co-parenting can be done in a classy and loving way.

Torrie has created an great read with realistic characters that truly draw you in and make you invest in them. I was sad to see the book come to an end but excited that when I talked to Torrie she told me she had ideas for a few of the other characters that I grew to love. Now that’s telling! When an author can make you care for a side character you know you have gold! So pick up Accidentally Perfect and get lost in its Perfection for a couple hours.

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