★•**•.★REVIEW: Escape from Witchwood Hollow by Jordan Elizabeth★•**•.★


I know I tend to read alot of romance books so I was excited when Jordan Elizabeth asked me to give her new Paranormal book Escape from Witchwood Hollow a read. WIth that let me put my disclaimer: I was given this book to read in exchange for an HONEST review.

This book was not quite what I expected, to be honest. It’s been a long time since I read anything about witches and in all those books most of the witches were portrayed as revengeful, hateful, disgusting, etc. Not the case in EFWH.

This book is about 3 young women, who although they are in different time spans are linked to each other. It is easy to drift from the past to the present and back again.

Jordan Elizabeth does a spectacular job at grabbing your attention and redefining what a paranormal book is perceived as. This was a fast and very enjoyable read. The characters were well thought out and entertaining.

The ending was not what I was expecting. Although in a round about way I can see what it was written. It tied the three young woman together and made it known how they were relevant to each other.

If you are a looking for a unique and  entertaining book I suggest you check out Escape from Witchwood Hollow.

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