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I was one of the lucky people who found Casey Peeler’s Full Circle Series early on. I found it about a year ago. I fell instantly in love with Charley and Cash Money. Cash instantly became my favorite country boy book boyfriend. That boy makes me swoon. LOL.

But since I first found this series Casey has revamped the whole series. New covers, new scenes, and more swoon!! I was one of the lucky few that Casey allowed to read before the release. So here comes my disclaimer lol. I was given The Full Circle Series Box Set in exchange for a honest review.

When Casey first told me she had rewrote the series I about cried. How could she mess with what in my head was perfection??? Would Charley be as kick ass in the new version?? Would my Cash $ be what I want my boys to grow up to be??? How would this new version measure up to the original??? So ladies, I am here to tell you Char-Coal is more bad ass, more inspiring, independent, and more true to herself than she was in the originals. Cash $ is still makes me swoon and want to jump in to the book. Casey took what I loved about her books and made them explode in so many amazing ways. She didn’t take anything away but she added so much.

If you did not have the chance to read the original books DO NOT FRET!! The new books are better, more detailed, more emotional, just more everything. So let me introduce you to this series.

This series starts with Charley (aka Char-coal) being like any other teenage girl. Working hard in school and at home on the farm. Beautiful, funny, popular, and everything most girls want to be, Charley seems to have it all…..until one tragic night when everything she has is taken away from her and she finds she only has one life raft, her best friend Cash.

Through out the series you watch Charley overcome her fears, watch as she grows stronger, and finds her way both with and without Cash. You root for her, you cry with her, but most of all you grow to love her.

Casey Peeler shows you a woman’s worst fear and shows you how one young woman fights back and wins. Casey makes you go through so many emotions. She makes it where you can’t put down the book without grabbing the next. I highly recommend this book to all my friends, my followers, to anyone and everyone.

Just remember one thing!!! Cash Money is mine!!!

You can find the series at the following links

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