★•**•.★ Book Review: Amber Nation’s More Than a Fling ★•**•.★

Yikes! I’m a day late with my review and I hate that. I generally strive not to be late for nothing but I have been ill alot lately due to new medications. So please forgive me. Now on to why you are here reading my little spot away from home.

Amber Nation entrusted me with an ARC of her newest book, More Than a Fling. And I am eternally grateful to her for that trust. I promised her that I would give an honest review. So here it goes:

Amber Nation completely sucks you in to the lives of Julia and Dean. Who have met through their best friends, who are engaged to get married. These are two people who are constantly at each other’s throats. When life and the upcoming wedding throw the two together words and sparks fly! When life tears them in opposite directions, they learn that some secrets and parts of their past are not so easily avoidable.


The one thing I hate about writing an review is that I don’t want to let any spoilers out, which is really super hard! What I can tell you about this amazing book is that you will want to delve deeper into the story. Amber makes her characters so real that you feel connected to them. They feel like old friends.


I truly want my own Dean….he makes me swoon….Julia is a character who is strong, independent woman. Amber Nation is truly very gifted author.


**To get the best a real good feel on all the characters in the  book make sure to read More Than a Memory.**

You will never regret picking up and reading this book, although you will feel sadness that the last page is reached.

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