¤REVIEW¤ Always Rayne by Sierra Avalon

Always Rayne

I always enjoy reading new authors. I was given Always Rayne by Sierra Avalon in exchange for an honest review.

I actually read this book before starting my blog.

Have you ever seen someone and just knew that they were it for you?? Would you have done anything to be with them?? Including pay them to travel with you and your band?? That is exactly what Nic Rayne does when he sees Harper Leigh.

Always Rayne is a sweet fast paced romance. The characters draw you in, the pace keeps you guessing and wanting more. You fall for Nic Rayne just as hard as Harper did. Nic is looking for someone who can stimulate more than what’s in his pants. He wants someone who can challenge him in ways he’s never been challenged. Harper does all that while not being what everyone would think is Rayne’s “type”. She’s beautiful but tends to unknowingly hide her beauty, extremely smart she makes Nic use his brain during his pursuit. He is everything she never thought she wanted. Nic is blunt, likes his profanity, and a rock star. Watch as their lives collide and intertwine.

If you are looking for a HEA fast read this is a great book to open and get caught up in.

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