¤REVIEW¤ Surviving Brooklyn by Elizabeth York

Yesterday I was approached to read a new and upcoming Indie author, Elizabeth York. I absolutely love Indie’s, so of course I said YES! And let me tell you I am not disappointed in the least! I am going to try not put major spoilers in this review simply because WOW! But to really review I will have to let little things slip…sorry ya’ll.

surviving brooklyn

Surviving Brooklyn is a well thought out and written book that brings us into the life of Brooklyn Montgomery. The newest ADA, daughter of a well known crime boss, and much more (you have to read to find out what else she is). As we begin the Surviving Brooklyn we find Brooklyn as she is moving into her new apartment, unpacking, and going through the case files of her first case. This case plays a huge part in the book. The killer has yet to be identified, although he loves to taunt the police and even the prosecutors assigned to the case, Brooklyn is no exception to this.

Brooklyn is paired up with Lead Detective, Mark Stone. Mark and Brooklyn have known each other since childhood. Throughout the book Brooklyn and Mark fight their feelings for each other. A promise and tragedy that occurred in their past has kept them apart. Sit back and read, biting your fingernails and see how their past comes back to mess not only with their emotions and lives but also the Forget-Me-Not case.

Yes this has steamy scenes, fair warning gents 😉 but the suspense will have you on the edge of your seat. The cliffhanger (sorry folks…but I have it on good authority that Elizabeth is working hard on Book 2) will leave you gasping and begging for

Brooklyn’s Survival. I already have!

So rush out and pick up Surviving Brooklyn.

Author’s page: www.facebook.com/AuthorLizYork

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