Hello world!

Let me tell you some about me

I am a 37 year old, happily married mommy of 3. I grew up moving around and have lived in more places than I care to remember. I am currently living in Smalltown, Oklahoma *no, that is not the actual name of the town*. I grew up loving to read. I started reading at the age of 3 (according to my mom). I read a wide variety of books and tend to go in spurts of genres. Here lately I have been on a YA kick, whether it be romance, paranormal, or suspense. With my college courses coming to a close here over the next couple weeks I will have more time to read more intense books.

This little blissful blog will be where I post my reviews, suggest books, and ramble on about books in general. You will probably end up hearing about my addiction to reading, books, planners, journals, and just about anything that has to do with any of the above topics. I have many amazing good friends who also read and review books so Iā€™m sure you will hear me mention them through out this blog.


Please bear with me as I get my blog up and running. I will be posting the reviews I have already done on Amazon and Good Reads here. Hopefully as my blog grows and expands I will be doing giveaways. My biggest hope is that you find that you love many of the same authors as me. What can I say they are kinda awesome! Toodles for now! And trust that I will be back soon.